Safety first, right? When you’re knee-deep in planning an event or managing a venue, the security aspect can’t be an afterthought. It’s crucial. And that’s where picking the right security team comes into play. Enter WOSS (Watch Out Security Services) — they’re not your average security firm. They’ve got a knack for tailoring their services to suit whatever you’re throwing their way.

Understanding the Lay of the Land

Before you even start worrying about security details, you need to get a grip on what your event or venue is all about. How big are we talking? What’s the vibe? Where’s it located? These bits of info are key because they shape what kind of security setup you’ll need. WOSS is all over this, offering detailed risk assessments that spot and sort out any potential issues from the get-go.

Here’s What WOSS Brings to the Table

  • Eyes Everywhere: Their CCTV system isn’t just for show. It’s there to catch the sneaky stuff before it’s a problem.
  • Dog Patrol: Just the sight of WOSS’s trained dogs is enough to make troublemakers think twice.
  • Event Guardians: No matter the event, WOSS tailors its strategy to keep things smooth and secure for everyone.
  • Office Watch: For office spaces, WOSS offers security that keeps things safe without getting in the way.
  • Building Site Shield: Construction sites attract all sorts of unwanted attention, but WOSS has strategies to keep the gear and site secure.

Why WOSS Works

It’s about more than just muscle. WOSS leans on integrity, professionalism, forward-thinking, and a guardian mindset, with a dash of military discipline for good measure. This combination means you’re getting a team that’s effective and respectful.

Tailor-Made Security

Every venue, every event, it’s a new puzzle. WOSS gets that and prides itself on putting together security plans that are just the right fit, addressing whatever challenges might pop up.

Picking Your Security Partner

When it comes down to choosing who’s got your back, consider their track record, what they offer, and how they treat you as a client. WOSS ticks all these boxes, thanks to their broad expertise and focus on customer satisfaction.

Tech-Savvy Protection

WOSS stays ahead of the curve, using the latest tech to enhance their security measures. This means better safety and quicker responses to any issues.

K9 Unit

Their dogs aren’t just for show — they’re a critical part of the security mix, offering a unique layer of protection.

Full-Circle Security

WOSS thinks big picture, going beyond just managing the crowd to cover all bases, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Beyond the Basics

Aside from the usual, WOSS offers extras like keyholding and maintenance services, adding another layer of safety and care for your space.

Why Go with WOSS?

Choosing WOSS means you’re teaming up with folks who are serious about event security. They’re all about delivering top-notch, personalised service that puts your mind at ease.


Picking the right security outfit is a big deal. With WOSS, you’re not just hiring security; you’re partnering with pros committed to keeping your event or venue safe, offering custom solutions that work.